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Motor loan – buy your new or used motorcycle

  What is a motor loan? A motor loan or motor loan is an installment loan that you can use to finance your new or used motorbike. Nowadays, a motorcycle is no longer only used for relaxing journeys during the weekend, but also increasingly for commuting, among other things to avoid traffic jams on Belgian roads. You […]

Repurchase of credit for civil servants

The purchase of credit for civil servants allows state agents who have taken out loans reserved for civil servants to consolidate all their claims in one monthly payment. Credit redemption simplifies budget management while reducing the amount of monthly payments. The official loan, a loan reserved for state agents The official loan is a real […]

What to do in the event of divorce and a joint loan

In today’s society, divorces are not uncommon and the decision for effective divorce can be made quickly. In 2016, for example, Belgium had  23,583 divorces according to General Direct Statistics Belgium. But that does not mean that it is easy when two partners suddenly go their own way. The emotions can run high and you will also have to deal […]

Simulation loan: I find the loan that suits me

A. What is a loan? A loan, or credit, is a budget advance granted by a bank or financial institution for the financing of a project. The sum borrowed, plus interest, must be repaid in full by the deadlines set by both parties. All of these elements are listed in the said loan agreement. It […]

Quickly finance your car with a crowdfunding credit without bank

Buying your car cash is not always easy in terms of cash especially for express credit. Taking out a car loan with crowdfunding makes it possible to borrow without the intervention of a bank, relying on the savings of a community of investors. What about participatory credit? Do you know about crowdfunding, crowdfunding of projects? […]

 What are the requirements to apply for a payday loan?

Requirements to apply for a payday loan Although each loan will have particular conditions and characteristics, there are a number of requirements to apply for a payday loan that are common in most bank entities and credits. Here are the requirements to request a most common payday loan among all Argentine banking entities: 1. Be […]

Micro-credit in Switzerland: for the unemployed, the creators of the company of tomorrow!

Micro-credit in France, it works. But the system is also valid for Switzerland, which grants solidarity credits to those who want to embark on entrepreneurship and who do not have the financial means to do so. It is indeed difficult, without guarantees to offer, to get a bank loan. The microcredit is there for that, […]

The purchase of credit for the liberal professions

Subject to a special regime, the liberal professions must obey the rules of their corporation. Constraints that involve investments. Which are sometimes mixed with personal investments. The purchase of credit for the liberal professions is an ideal solution to facilitate the management of their budget. The liberal professions and the risk of indebtedness Lawyers, notaries, […]

Senior Loan: Getting a Home Loan After 60 Years

Seniors are more and more eager to become owners. This change in behavior of this part of the population, explained in particular by the increase in life expectancy, is a proven fact: the share of seniors in borrower clients is constantly changing and now represents, on the whole, 10 15% of loans, including 20% ​​of […]